What Occurs During Your All-on-4® Treatment?

Step 1

Your oral examination involves a 3D scan of your mouth, gums, and bone tissue. This helps determine the treatment’s effectiveness according to your tissue health and overall health.

Step 2

Four dental implants are secured at designated locations in your jawbone. Your new, set of teeth will be placed on top of your implants for full restoration of your tooth function and appearance.

Step 3

Healing of your gum and bone tissue is required before your new, permanent teeth are attached to your implants. The healing phase will improve your ideal tooth function and the achievement of your treatment goals.

Achieving Your Desired All-on-4® Procedure Results

Tooth loss and its impact on your oral health is the reason you choose All-on-4® to replace your teeth. Your tooth function and smile will be fully restored with a new set of permanent teeth.

An Overview of Your All-on-4®️ Treatment Process

Oral examination

Your bone and gum tissue are examined prior to beginning the procedure.

Dental implants placed

Four implants are secured into your jawbone at specific locations to hold your new set of teeth and restore your ability to chew and smile.

Post placement healing

While your implants heal and adapt to your tissue your new teeth are custom-crafted. Following the healing period your new, permanent teeth are placed onto your dental implants.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your initial examination to discuss your missing teeth condition and how the All-on-4®️ treatment can restore your tooth function and appearance.

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